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Fonts May 10, 2011

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– a sympathy card: This font is Lucida Calligraphy. I chose to use this font because it is formal but it doesn’t look like it wold be overpowering someone, so it would be more approachable.
– a hot dog stand: This font is Chlorinar. I chose to do this font because it is fun and not formal. I also kind of think the letters resemble hot dogs.
– a diner-style restaurant: This font is optima. I chose to do this because it is easy to read but it is not informal.
– a logo for a financial institution: This font is Engravers MT. I used this font because I think the bigger all caps letters make it seem more important and official.
– a certificate for a prestigious award: This font is Medi Text. I chose this font because important awards are typically done in some form of a blackletter font and I happened to like this one.



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Article: Embrace the Stain by Andrew Twigg

The article was about how a lot of designers are having to deal with consequences  due to the down economy, and as a result, are required to work  more and faster in order to do  the same thing that they would have been doing before the economy collapsed.  For designers, completing their task for their job can  be done no matter what if you really try and set your mind to it, no matter the time constraints or lack of materials given to them.

What is AIGA?

AIGA (formerly an acronym for the “American Institute of Graphic Arts”) is an American professional organization for design.



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Surrealism is a cultural movement and artistic style that was founded in 1924 by André Breton. Surrealism style uses visual imagery using objects to create art while at the same time making it where you cant completely understand the whole work fully. By doing this the same painting can mean completely different things to different people depending on how you interpret it. 

The first one is called Guardian of Time. The second one is called the Persistence of Time


Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine April 12, 2011

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The computer used on the show was a “question answering machine” named Watson designed by IBM. The computer ended up winning the competition. The final tally was $77,147 to Mr. Jennings’s $24,000 and Mr. Rutter’s $21,600. The main disadvantage Watson had was dealing with an overload of information. Since there is so much information on each topic, the computer took longer to decide what was relevant and what was not. I thought this competition was unfair with using the buzzer, since Watson had an automatic timer and can push the button much faster than the humans could. But overall I think the use of the machine is a great advance in technology.


Communication Arts Magazine: Visual Atrophy

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This article was about how when you sketch something out you are not really trying to impress someone with your drawing but rather find where you want to go with your ideas. It can also help you decide what you are thinking and your thoughts on the subject you are drawing. I thought this was very interesting about how the author was talking about how if you really want to know what you are thinking you just need to start drawing the first things that come to mind.


David Hockney April 11, 2011

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David Hockney was born in Bradford England in 1937 to Laura and Kenneth Hockney. He studied art at the Regional College of Art in Bradford where he first started painting with oil paint, which he used through out most of his career. He then attended the Painting School of the Royal College.  He has been a painter, photographer, printmaker and stage designer through out his life.


Ligatures March 4, 2011

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A ligature is a set of two or more characters that have been designed into a single “set”. They were originally designed to control spacing  when two letters took up more space than was needed.

I think all the new trends in communication today have definitely influenced how type is being used. For instance type is now more used as a graphic itself than a supporting feature. As an example, the picture to the left shows typeface manipulated to where it is the focus point on the page. Without the use of any pictures or other typical shapes or graphics, the type stands alone to make it interesting to look at. But this also has a downside to where the type can become hard to read r understand because it is so complex. Many new fonts have also started being used and developed rather than the typical fonts such as times new roman or arial. There is now a wide variety of fonts used for many different purposes. Some examples of the diversity are shown below.  Depending on what you want to do you use different type styles. Such as if you are creating something for children you wont use a formal font but rather a handwritten like font, like bookworm, to create something that would be more interesting to look at.