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Breath Portfolio January 4, 2012

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I tried to use a variety of styles in my portfolio this year. If I had to grade this based on the AP scale, i would give myself a 4. There are a few of my pieces that i think are of a higher quality than others, and some in my opinion are below par. Due to this, i would not give my portfolio a grade of excellent score. I do think i demonstrated originality in my pieces. I also tried to use as many principles of design as possible in each piece. I think the best thing about my portfolio is the variety i showed from piece to piece. I tried to experiment with different styles to give each piece a different look. I think the main downside of my portfolio is the wide range in quality. My personal favorite is the “I Wandered as a Lonely Cloud”, which i think is the better of my pieces. But when you compare that to my “Self Portrait”, the differing in quality is high.