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Intro to Graphics Portfolio May 26, 2011

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……………….This is a collection of my favorite pieces that I created in Intro to Graphics and Design. During the year I learned how to use a Mac computer, since this was my first year using one. I used InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop to create the works above. I think by the end of the year I started narrowing down what I like to do in the programs and some sort of an overall style. I found that I like darker colors as opposed to pale or pastel colors. I also like using he stamps in Photoshop to create more detailed backgrounds or accents as opposed to a more solid color.

Through out the year I feel like I progressed a lot, from going to having absolutely no idea what I was doing to having a fuller understanding of the programs, even though I still run into trouble with them. I also feel like I have progressed with learning how to manipulate the photos, which I think is expressed in the last photo for an art exhibit. The project that took the longest for me was the first one above which was the zebra which was typography. It took me the longest because of having to manipulate each word separately to make the separate shapes to create the zebra. I am the most proud of the illuminated manuscript which is the second picture. The reason for this is that I took the most time planning it out and I spent a lot of time putting the different components together to make it look right. The piece I learned the most while doing would have to be the Art Exhibition poster because that combined image manipulation, which I had never done, with InDesign, which I struggle with. I f I could change one of the projects I would choose the shoes. The way I would change it would be to change the color scheme. Lastly, I think the way I plan out my work has changed because I used to just draw one sketch and just go with whatever I drew, but now I draw at least ten different variations of what I am going to do.


Assignment #11: Art Exhibition Poster May 19, 2011

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Surrealism Recreation May 17, 2011

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We had to recreate a surrealism photo. Mine is on he right and the one i modeled it after is on the left.


Fonts May 10, 2011

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– a sympathy card: This font is Lucida Calligraphy. I chose to use this font because it is formal but it doesn’t look like it wold be overpowering someone, so it would be more approachable.
– a hot dog stand: This font is Chlorinar. I chose to do this font because it is fun and not formal. I also kind of think the letters resemble hot dogs.
– a diner-style restaurant: This font is optima. I chose to do this because it is easy to read but it is not informal.
– a logo for a financial institution: This font is Engravers MT. I used this font because I think the bigger all caps letters make it seem more important and official.
– a certificate for a prestigious award: This font is Medi Text. I chose this font because important awards are typically done in some form of a blackletter font and I happened to like this one.



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Article: Embrace the Stain by Andrew Twigg

The article was about how a lot of designers are having to deal with consequences  due to the down economy, and as a result, are required to work  more and faster in order to do  the same thing that they would have been doing before the economy collapsed.  For designers, completing their task for their job can  be done no matter what if you really try and set your mind to it, no matter the time constraints or lack of materials given to them.

What is AIGA?

AIGA (formerly an acronym for the “American Institute of Graphic Arts”) is an American professional organization for design.



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Surrealism is a cultural movement and artistic style that was founded in 1924 by André Breton. Surrealism style uses visual imagery using objects to create art while at the same time making it where you cant completely understand the whole work fully. By doing this the same painting can mean completely different things to different people depending on how you interpret it. 

The first one is called Guardian of Time. The second one is called the Persistence of Time


Assignment #10: Letterhead and Envelope

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