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Assignment #8: Logos April 29, 2011

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In this assignment we had to make logos for a fictional company. The company I was assigned was Hotel St. Henri. 


Assignment #7: Logos Part Two April 22, 2011

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In this assignment we had to take our previously created logos for our fictional company and add color to them. I chose to use the color blue because it represents security, responsibility, and trust. I also chose to use grey/silver because it went well with the different shades of blue. 


Assignment #7: Logos April 20, 2011

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In this project we had to make a logo for a company. I chose to do one for the “company” Handy Man Construction. I also had to incorporate a hammer into the design. I did this by making the long stem of the h as a hammer and putting a nail in under it to separate handy man from construction. 


Movie Review: Pirates of Silicon Valley April 15, 2011

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I rate this movie with 4 out of 5 stars.

This movie was about how Apple and Microsoft began. It gave background on Steve Jobs and also on Bill Gates. It goes though the process on how both companies were originally formed and how they progressed. It also talks about the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. The movie also shows the different work environments in the two companies. In Apple, the workplace appears to be more hostile and competitive with Steve Jobs being a very volatile employer. While in Microsoft, Bill Gates seems to be a little scattered but nicer in the way his workplace runs.


David Hockney Style Collage April 12, 2011

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Jeopardy: Man vs. Machine

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The computer used on the show was a “question answering machine” named Watson designed by IBM. The computer ended up winning the competition. The final tally was $77,147 to Mr. Jennings’s $24,000 and Mr. Rutter’s $21,600. The main disadvantage Watson had was dealing with an overload of information. Since there is so much information on each topic, the computer took longer to decide what was relevant and what was not. I thought this competition was unfair with using the buzzer, since Watson had an automatic timer and can push the button much faster than the humans could. But overall I think the use of the machine is a great advance in technology.


Communication Arts Magazine: Visual Atrophy

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This article was about how when you sketch something out you are not really trying to impress someone with your drawing but rather find where you want to go with your ideas. It can also help you decide what you are thinking and your thoughts on the subject you are drawing. I thought this was very interesting about how the author was talking about how if you really want to know what you are thinking you just need to start drawing the first things that come to mind.