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Ligatures March 4, 2011

Filed under: Discussion — Ashley Machost @ 6:25 pm

A ligature is a set of two or more characters that have been designed into a single “set”. They were originally designed to control spacing  when two letters took up more space than was needed.

I think all the new trends in communication today have definitely influenced how type is being used. For instance type is now more used as a graphic itself than a supporting feature. As an example, the picture to the left shows typeface manipulated to where it is the focus point on the page. Without the use of any pictures or other typical shapes or graphics, the type stands alone to make it interesting to look at. But this also has a downside to where the type can become hard to read r understand because it is so complex. Many new fonts have also started being used and developed rather than the typical fonts such as times new roman or arial. There is now a wide variety of fonts used for many different purposes. Some examples of the diversity are shown below.  Depending on what you want to do you use different type styles. Such as if you are creating something for children you wont use a formal font but rather a handwritten like font, like bookworm, to create something that would be more interesting to look at.


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